Many customers satisfied with our service and stay with us to help continue enhancing their animal interaction over the course of the pet’s lifetime.

Thank you Karen for our International Facetime training. (Australia/New Zealand). Just love the real time one on one training, you are certainly fine tuning my training. Thank you 🙏 👍

Valerie Bult, 03/04/2020

My family got our new puppy just before the level 4 Covid 19 restrictions. We obviously had lots of time to bond and train our new family member but with our local puppy classes being cancelled we needed advice and guidance on how to best do this. We had never owned a dog before and really wanted to make sure we helped our puppy grow into a well behaved and social dog. So with isolation came innovation. My daughter and I have been attending virtual puppy classes with Agrade animals dog training via Zoom every week. Karen has been invaluable in providing advice, training, feedback and guidance in all aspects of puppy training. Karen knows her stuff and her classes have been invaluable. A big thank you!

Angela, Anna and puppy Alfie (Waikanae Beach), 21/04/2020

Great training, both dogs and parents!

Robyn Charters Illeman, 25/02/2020

Fabulous trainer, has a natural understanding of dogs and dog behaviour. Has helped me immensely.

Jane Auckett, 20/10/2019

Sensible and practical advice from a woman who really gets how a dog’s brain works. Our dog was having some aggression problems that were escalating and she helped us turn things around. He’s now a much happier more secure and well behaved dog. What more could we want.

Kirsten Benefield, 08/01/2019

…feedback from a few years ago:

I highly recommend Karen and Agrade animals. She has been so generous with her time and advice and definitely helped me with my dogs when in a tricky situation. I look forward to learning much more.

Julz Quickenden, 18/12/2018

A couple of “see-ya’s” and she just walked nicely past two bull mastiffs that were offlead, without a bark. Having a great outing with the whole family today…first time since we got her. Thank you so much for your help!

The Erkens, 17/11/2018

If you would like a current reference about an animal with behavioural issue of a particular type, let us know and we can get you in touch with a success story or two that will be relevant to you.